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Q. What is the turnaround time for custom orders?


A.  Turnaround time will vary based on the product, the quantity, customization, and location for delivery. 


Q. How do I get a mock for my custom order?


A. There are two ways, going through our custom uniform portal allows you to have creative control over your uniform going through the color palette, and creating your own mock for your order is free. There are also stock designs to choose from as well there for free. Secondly, contacting through our message box which leads to email communication for personal requests costs $25 for up to five different designs. Designs in amounts of six to ten are $30, while more than ten are $35.


Q. Are there packaged prices for custom orders of multiple products?


A. Yes, package pricing is done individually for anyone who is requesting that can be communicated by you to us in your inquiry and we will put together packages based on the products and the amount you are ordering.


Q. Can I use any payment option for a custom order?


A. Yes, you can use any payment option, however, if using CashApp upon sending your payment you MUST put your order in the description just team name/coach, product(s), and quantity. Also, when paying via PayPal or Square you will be charged an additional 3% fee on your total.


Q. Are there any restrictions on shipping?


A. No, we can ship anywhere.



Q. Can I add changes to my order after it has already been placed?


A. Once an order has been placed you have 48 hours to add changes after the 48-hour processing you can no longer add changes.

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